Survey says police are the most corrupt group in Pakistan

The majority of Pakistanis believe that police are most corrupt entity in the country, shows a latest survey conducted by Transparency International Pakistan TIP.

It means the police continue to occupy the top slot, which is followed by tendering and contracting, judiciary and education.

The findings of National Corruption Perception Survey 2022 reveal that most people consider anti-corruption institutions’ role as “ineffective” in curbing corruption in Pakistan.

Province-wise ranking

A province-wise look shows that education remained the most corrupt sector in Sindh, police was second and tendering and contracting third.

In Punjab, police remained the most corrupt sector followed by tendering and contracting. Judiciary was listed as third most corrupt.

But in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, judiciary remained the most corrupt sector. It was followed by tendering and contracting, and police department.

When it comes to Balochistan, tendering and contracting was named as the most corrupt sector. Police and judiciary were the second and the third most corrupt sectors.

Public service delivery

Pakistanis continue to believe that corruption in public service delivery is high. According to the citizens, the three most corrupt public services for which people have to pay bribes are contracts of roads (40 percent), access to uninterrupted electricity (28 percent) and access to clean drinking water (17 percent).


The three most important listed causes of corruption are delayed decisions in corruption cases (31 percent), use of state institutions by governments for their gain (26 percent) and incompetence of the government (19 percent).

Disclosure of assets

As measures to curb corruption, 28 percent Pakistanis say all government officials, politicians, military officers, judges and others should disclose their assets to the public.

Right to Information

A total of 77 percent respondents find it difficult to obtain public information from public bodies under Right to Information laws.

IMF deal

The majority of Pakistanis (64 percent) say that Pakistan has not benefited from the IMF agreement dated 12th May 2019.

Biased media

At the national level, 54 percent of citizens believe that the news channels’ reporting is biased.

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