Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid in an interview to media in Islamabad on September 7, 2021 has hailed the desire of Taliban to partake in the project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). 

The Minister said that CPEC is the ‘jugular vein’ of Pakistan and the harmony of Pakistan and China relationship is as high as the Himalayas. He appreciated the Taliban’s view on China and said that ‘it’s encouraging’ to see Taliban’s interest in the CPEC. 

Commenting on the recent suicide attack on Gawadar and Mastug, he added that the terrorists involved in the attack came from Afghanistan and that Afghanistan has guaranteed to bar such attacks in the future. 

The Interior minister said that Pakistan and Afghanistan depend on each other. The progress and stability of one country is connected to the other. He added that Pakistan will help Afghanistan in all possible capacity and the extension of CPEC by linking it with Afghanistan is important.


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