Data from the National Command and Operation Centre suggests that most coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours, occurred in the province of Punjab, closely followed by Sindh. 2432 people tested COVID-19 positive on January 15, 2021, with a total number of 45 deaths in a single day.

The total active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan are 33,763, as of January 16. 42,422 tests were conducted for the virus on January 15; Sindh: 13,340, Punjab: 14,390, Khyber Pakhtunkhua (KP): 6,591, Islamabad: 6,784, Balochistan: 586, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB): 360, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK): 371.

Pakistan has seen 472,099 recoveries from the virus so far, with no patients on ventilators in neither Balochistan nor AJK.

A total of 516,770 cases have been detected in the country so far; AJK: 8583, Balochistan: 18537, GB: 4882, Islamabad: 39888, KP: 62996, Punjab: 148488, Sindh: 233396.

A total of 10908 COVID-19 deaths have occurred in the country so far; Sindh: 3769, Punjab: 4387, KP: 1773, Islamabad: 450, Balochistan: 190, GB: 101, AJK: 238. 7,326,431 tests have been conducted, as of today.

Pakistan currently has 631 hospitals with COVID-19 facilities, with 2,840 patients admitted across the country.


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