The PTI on Tuesday moved the Islamabad High Court (IHC), seeking permission for staging a sit-in in the federal capital, while senior party leader Asad said that they were ready to set up a tent city in Rawalpindi.

In a petition filed with the IHC, the party has requested the court to order the respondents – federal government, Islamabad police chief and deputy commissioner – to issue no-objection certificate (NOC) for the purpose.

Moreover, the petition also says that the respondents should be barred from use of force and added that they had taken part in the no confidence process after accepting the court ruling.

Accusing the incumbent government of being imported, it also claimed that the rulers had failed on all fronts.

The constitution and law allows peaceful protest, the petition concluded as the PTI is all set for a show of force in Rawalpindi on Nov 26.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Asad Umar told reporters in Lahore that they were prepared to set up a tent city in Rawalpindi.

He said this when asked by a reporter about whether the party planned to stage a protest or sit-in in the garrison city on November 26, when the PTI marchers were scheduled to converge there.

The next plan of action, Asad said the next plan of action would be shared by PTI Chairman Imran Khan on November 26. Arrangements could be made if Imran asked them the people to stay there.

Earlier on Monday, Asad had said that the people would gather on Murree in Rawalpindi, as Imran has asked his supporters to reach the city on Nov 26.


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