As PTI is ready for Rawalpindi rally, top officials of provincial governments assured the Centre of full support if Federation is attacked.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, who chaired a meeting in Islamabad, said the provincial governments were responsible for thwarting any unconstitutional move, as he directed the authorities concerned to take necessary steps in this regard.   

The assurance comes as federal government is gearing up to foil any unconstitutional move that the PTI might be planning as it gets closer to Rawalpindi for the November 26 rally in connection with its ongoing long march.

Earlier, the Rawalpindi administration allowed the PTI to hold a rally at Faizabad on Nov 26 (Saturday) but directed it to vacate the area by night, imposing many more restrictions.

Minister of State for Interior Abdul Rehman Kanju, Interior Secretary Yousuf Naseem Khokhar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IG Moazzam Jah, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Secretary Dr Shehzad Bangash, Islamabad IG Akbar Nasir Khan and others attended the Friday’s meeting in person or through video link.

After the meeting, the interior ministry issued a handout which reads that the participants assured the Centre that in case the party launches an attack on the Federation, they would support it completely in line with the law.

“It is the Constitutional responsibility of the provincial governments to prevent the illegal act of an attack on the Federation by a political party,” the interior minister told the participants.

He added that the Federation and the federating units should band together and prevent any unconstitutional measures.

On Thursday, Rana Sana had told a TV channel that the federal government would come into action if the PTI decided to block roads.

Conditional Permission to PTI

The Rawalpindi administration has allowed the PTI to hold a rally at Faizabad on Nov 26 (Saturday) but directed it to vacate the area by night.

Citing the reasons, a notification issued by the deputy commissioner, containing 56 conditions, says the England cricket team is arriving the city for the first Test of the three-match series. It also mentions that Faizabad is a busy area and a large gathering is a security risk as different law enforcement agencies have cited security threats.

The district administration said the party would be responsible for any loss of life during the political event being organised in connection with the PTI long march and drones are banned for media coverage.

Moreover, the PTI has been directed that only the prescribed route would be used for the rally and barred PTI Chairman Imran Khan from using a sunroof car before and after the gathering.

Also, the Allama Iqbal Park will not be used by any workers for staying there, adding that no one would be allowed to chant anti-state slogans.


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