KARACHI: The police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested two underage motorcycle lifters in Karachi. 

As per details, two underage boys named Abdul Rafay and Sudaif aged 14 years were taken into custody by the police from Dhoraji and Bahadurabad areas with the help of CCTV footage. They can be seen lifting the motorcycles from the city in the security camera footage.

Both the boys are studying in eighth grade in a renowned school of the city, the police said.

Rafay, one of the arrested lifters, is the head boy of his class. Keeping the age of the arrested boys in the mind, the police have summoned their parents.

The arrested boys in their confessional statements said, they are students of eight standards and up till now, they have lifted five to six motorcycles from the areas of Bahadurabad and Dhoraji.

Rafay said they use to leave the lifted motorcycles after riding them. The police, with the help of identification by the arrested, have recovered two motorcycles.

Back in the month of April, last year, Clifton police had arrested ‘youngest ever’ motorcycle lifters during a raid conducted in the port city.

Police nabbed Shahid and Suleiman aged only 10 years, the youngest ever motorcycle lifters caught by the law enforcers, Superintendent Police Clifton said.


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