PML-N says vote of confidence proceedings illegal
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The PML-N refused to accept the vote of confidence proceedings in the Punjab Assembly as Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah termed the entire process unconstitutional and illegal after Chief Minister Parvez Elahi managed to get the support of required number of members.

Rana Sana told media persons outside the Punjab Assembly building after the opposition boycotted the session that the PTI lawyers had argued before the court that the governor’s order was unconstitutional. “So, how did they conduct the confidence vote under Article 130(7) today?” he asked.

“Punjab Assembly Speaker Sibtain Khan earlier said the vote of confidence would not be taken during today’s session. However, the agenda was changed at midnight and a vote of confidence was initiated by deceit.”

The vote of confidence proceedings doesn’t fulfil the requirements of Punjab Governor Baligh-Ur-Rehman’s order under which Chief Minister Parvez had to take the trust vote, he noted.

Rana Sana questioned the timing and legality of the provincial assembly’s proceedings, saying how they could initiate the confidence vote if the governor’s order was suspended and sub-judice.

Despite their efforts spanning over last ten to 12 hours, they [the PTI and PML-Q] still do not have complete number for the confidence vote, he said and added, “This is the reason they did not fulfil the requirements of the elections.”

The federal minister said the PML-N would produce the travel history of the PTI’s members before the Lahore High Court to prove that the votes of the absent members were also cast.

Similarly, PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar, who was accompanying Rana Sana, said the PML-N would prove before the court that the PTI didn’t have the required number to win the trust vote.

Later, the interior minister, in a tweet, said who the process could be initiated when Governor Baligh-ur-Rehman’s orders were suspended by the court.  

He said the assembly rules were bulldozed and polling agents had not be appointed for the process while launching a bogus process after midnight. The court will fix a date of vote of confidence, Rana Sana said, adding that they would also present evidence [of wrongdoings].


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