Parvez says no to vote of confidence, PTI may quit govt and assembly

Things are getting even more complicated in Punjab, as Chief Minister Parvez Elahi refused to take vote of confidence while reports have emerged that the PTI is ready to quit the Punjab government and assembly in case the issue of dissolving the provincial legislature lingers on.

As far the Parvez is concerned, he made his stance clear Thursday on two occasions – first during his visit to the Chaudhry Parvez Elahi Institute of Cardiology in Wazirabad and then at a press conference in Lahore.

Rejecting the PTI’s demand to take a vote of confidence, he told reporters in Wazirabad, “Since I do not consider the governor’s order (seeking trust vote) as legal and legitimate, I will not go for it since it will legalise an illegal move.”

Similarly, he at a press conference in Lahore said: “I don’t accept the letter that the governor has written for the vote of confidence. If I take the vote of confidence, then it means that I am accepting the letter.”

It is in complete contrast to what PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry had told media on Wednesday that the ruling coalition would go for a vote of confidence before Jan 11, the day when an LHC bench resumes hearing into a petition by Parvez Elahi challenging the governor’s move.

The chief minister showed displeasure over recent media statements by some senior PTI leaders and advised them to show some responsibility “in their statements as this is their party’s government as well.”

PTI may quit provincial govt, assembly  

As Parvez refuses to get vote of confidence, media reports claim that the PTI has conveyed to him that in case the matter of the dissolution of the provincial assembly lingered on, their MPAs would quit the government as well as the legislature.

Meanwhile, a senior PTI leader also confirmed that the message had been conveyed to the Punjab chief minister about quitting the government.

In the Punjab Assembly, now the issue is not between the PTI and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). “It is between the PTI and PML-Q,” he added.

The PTI leader claimed that his party had the required number of MPAs in the provincial assembly that the chief minister could take a vote of confidence before January 11.

“We are even willing to give more seats to the PML-Q numbers through an adjustment formula in the next general elections if CM Parvez Elahi dissolves the Punjab Assembly as per [PTI chief] Imran Khan’s desire,” he said.

However, it has been learnt that the numbers are short for taking a vote of confidence in the assembly. Likewise, Elahi is not making any efforts to complete the numbers.

The PTI sources maintained Parvez did not want to annoy the ‘powerful circles’ by dissolving the assembly.


PTI MPA Momina Waheed has announced that she would not be voting for Parvez during a vote of confidence.

Explaining her stance on a TV programme on Thursday, Waheed claimed PTI legislators were dejected as Mr Elahi was announcing and executing development projects for Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin only.

She also claimed some other MPAs might also abstain from voting for Parvez though she denied lobbying to support her claim.


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