At a virtual event orchestrated by the Chinese Mission to the United Nations, Pakistan lauded China for accomplishing poverty elimination a decade earlier than the deadline set by the UN.

Ambassador Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, said on the occasion that China had taken 770 million people out of “extreme poverty in a span of 35 years,” according to the APP.

““We must all redouble national efforts and international cooperation to fight and eradicate poverty which is our common enemy and in President’s Xi’s words, build a community of shared future for humankind,” he added.

Munir Akram posted on Twitter saying that “this victory against poverty transcends China. It has promoted human rights; social development and sustainable development.”

In response, Chinese Ambassador Zhang said that China’s achievement on poverty eradication owes to “strong political leadership and collective efforts of the Chinese people.”


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