In a report published by FactFocus, it is alleged that Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa’s family became a billionaire while amassing assets both within Pakistan and abroad.

FactFocus posted this story on Sunday on its website and also accused his closest friend Sabir Mithu Hameed of the same practices while stating that the army chief’s wife was not even a tax filer at the time when Gen Bajwa became a lieutenant general.

In this connection, FactFocus also published the official tax documents – a leak that has prompted Finance Minister Ishaq to order a probe into the matter on Monday.

Describing it as an “illegal and unwarranted”, the Finance Division, in a series of tweets, said it was a clear violation of the complete confidentiality of tax information that the law provides.

“Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar has taken serious notice of the illegal and unwarranted leakage of tax information of the family members of General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff,” the tweet read.

The Finance Division further noted that in view of this serious lapse on the part of to-date unknown functionaries, the minister had directed Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Revenue Tariq Mehmood Pasha.

During the process, Pasha would personally lead an immediate investigation into the violation of tax law and breach of FBR data, affix responsibility and submit a report within 24 hours.

The Fact Focus report alleged that both families had become billionaires, started an international business, purchased multiple foreign properties, started transferring capital abroad, become owners of commercial plazas, commercial plots, huge farmhouses in Islamabad and Karachi, an immense real estate portfolio in Lahore since then.

Gen Bajwa’s family started an oil business in 2018, Taxx Pakistan, headquartered in Dubai and expanded all over Pakistan within a few months, the report alleged.

According to the allegations leveled by the website, Gen Bajwa, in his returns for the year 2013, had declared that his wife had three properties in her name. However, he revised the wealth statement three times in 2017. Later, Ayesha Amjad, the wife of General Bajwa, was registered as a tax filer on August 10, 2016.

The report says the current market value of the known assets and business of the army chief, both within and outside Pakistan, amounted to Rs12.7 billion.

It claimed that the assets of Gen Bajwa’s wife, Ayesha Amjad, went from zero in 2016 to Rs2.2 billion (declared and known) in six years. The report stated the amount didn’t include residential plots, commercial plots and houses given by the army to her husband.

The report also alleged that the total worth of the declared assets of Mahnoor Sabir (Gen Bajwa’s daughter-in-law) jumped from zero in last week of October 2018 to Rs1,271 million on Nov 2, 2018, while the assets of Mahnoor’s sister Hamna Naseer went from zero in 2016 to “billions” by 2017. Furthermore, the tax returns of Sabir Hameed — the army chief’s son’s father-in-law — were less than a million in 2013 but “in the coming years, he became a billionaire”, the website claimed.

According to the publication, it was unable to obtain data about assets in the name of Gen Bajwa’s two sons.


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