MQM-Pakistan to remain part of PDM: Tessori

Amid all the speculations and differences over the upcoming local government elections, Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori on Wednesday made it clear that the MQM-Pakistan would remain part of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) — the ruling coalition government.

He was responding to a question put forward by the host of private TV channel’s talk show, in which he was asked about the reports that neither the MQM nor the PPP is ready to back off, creating an frustrating situation for the federal government. He was actually referring to the possible cracks forming in the PDM alliance if the MQM decides to part ways.

But Tessori said such a situation would not occur in which disagreements between the MQM and PPP worry the PML-N. “No, I do not think that such a situation will occur. MQM will remain part of the PDM. And the effort will be that all people are understanding and not cause trouble for the people.”

As Karachi gets ready for the local government elections on Jan 15, the four-way fight involving PPP, MQM, PTI and JI is getting hotter with each side wary of other and the provincial government being accused of influencing the process in the favour PPP.

However, the recent developments suggest that the MQM is trying to shape some sort of alliance to fight the “injustices against the urban Sindh” by the PPP – which is also the second largest party of coalition ruling at the Centre.

Public issues

About the issues being faced by the people, Tessori said, “The distressed condition of the people is very worrying [as] gas isn’t being supplied [properly] to the whole country, there is an electricity crisis and a water crisis, people are facing unemployment, [and] the economy is in a bad shape.”

The MQM leader said: “In this period, instead of criticising and correcting each other, […] serve the people.”

He warned that the public would “raise their voice if they did not receive gas [and] electricity [and other necessities], which would be unsuitable for all the political parties”. He reiterated that it was “not a time to do politics […] but to serve the people”.

Commenting on the deadlock with the PPP on LG elections’ delimitations, Tessori said Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui’s stance was in line with the agreement signed with the PDM allies, which “clearly states that both sides would jointly carry out the delimitation [with consensus]”.

The governor added: “If an [agreement] has been signed, why it is not being fulfilled? […] I can only request both parties — not force them — that they draft a solution with consensus and without conflict.”


When asked whether the MQM in Pakistan has any connection with MQM-London, Tessori replied that his party was MQM-Pakistan and there was “only one MQM that has a kite as its logo”.

The MQM leader added, “Any MQM other than us — whichever MQM is it and wherever — has no relation to MQM-Pakistan.”

When asked about his sudden return to the country to become governor, Tessori said he was not removed from the party but “suspended”.

He said Siddiqui invited everyone, including him, to the party in a press conference and that’s when he decided to rejoin the party. “The nomination was done by Maqbool and that’s why I am here as Governor.”


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