Moonis Elahi’s ‘missing’ friend says he was with his family

The LHC on Wednesday settled a case about the alleged abduction of a close friend of PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi after he said that he was with his family and produced before the court.

Ahmad Faran Khan reached home in the wee hours on Wednesday and later presented before the LHC (Lahore High Court) by the Lahore police chief.

CCTV footage shows that Faran was dropped outside his house. After his alleged “abduction”, his brother Salman Zaheer Khan earlier filed a habeas corpus petition with the LHC, alleging that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had kept him in illegal custody.

Faran had gone missing from Lahore’s Garden Town neighbourhood four days ago and, according to Moonis Elahi, he was abducted by some unknown men riding black-coloured vehicles.

Similarly, his brother had claimed in the petition that Faran was kidnapped by eight people on the evening of Jan 6.

In its response, the LHC had directed the FIA to recover Moonis’ friend and present him before the court on Jan 10 (Wednesday).

During the hearing conducted by Justice Alia Neelum, the FIA submitted that the agency had not arrested Faran nor he was in its custody.

The court then directed Lahore CCPO to recover Faran and present him before the court on Tuesday. However, the police sought more time to present him.

What did Faran say?

Outside the LHC building, Faran told reporters that he was with his family. When questioned about an injury on his forehead, Faran Khan said he had accidently hit a car’s door.

Moonis Elahi

In a tweeted posted on Jan 7, Moonis had said that his friend had been abducted and would be handed over to the FIA after some days with registration of some case. “You people don’t understand that we will not join hands with the PDM,” he remarked.


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