Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar on Friday ruled out the possibility of any interim setup in the country and remarked that the proposal could be “someone’s wish” but wasn’t possible practically.

“Technocratic government can be someone’s wish but is not practically possible. Steps can be taken for the country’s economy by staying within the constitution,” said the minister and remarked that wishes and thoughts of anyone could not be banned.

As the country is gripped with rumours amid political uncertainty and speculations, he told reporters in Islamabad, “There is no room for a technocratic government in the constitution.”

“The constitution is clear that if assemblies are dissolved before their stipulated time then elections will be held in 90 days. If the assemblies are dissolved on time then the polls will be held in 60 days,” Tarar added.

Explaining the constitutional scheme of things, the minister said a caretaker government would be in place once the assemblies were dissolved then a caretaker government will come in and there was no other option apart from that.

When asked about PTI leader Asad Qaiser’s claim that the government suggesting a technocratic government, his reply was, “As of now, there is no such thing in my knowledge although I have seen it on TV.”

How did the rumours emerge?

The rumours of a technocratic setup started when PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday claimed that the proposal was consideration and added that he did not foresee elections being held soon.

And on Wednesday, Asad Qaiser further spread the hearsay by telling a private TV channel that the government offered the PTI a long-term interim government setup but they would not accept any extra-constitutional demand. He also added that the PTI was ready to hold talks if the government announced an election date.

‘Imran concocts new stories’

Tarar isn’t the first to reject the rumours. It was Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah who told a TV on the very day PTI Chairman Imran Khan had talked about the rumours, saying that the PTI was making an attempt to build a narrative to stoke political instability and uncertainty.

He said the establishment had neither approached the PML-N nor the PTI in connection with the technocrat setup. “Imran Khan concocts new stories every other day.”


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