Central Secretary Information and MNA of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Shazia Ata Murree has said that the increase in electricity prices is an economic murder of the people of the country. In a statement issued from the party’s media cell, the PPP MNA said that the government’s negligence and IMF’s policies have taken away the right to live from the poor masses. The Prime Minister deliberately tweets on the economy without any prior knowledge of the subject, claimed Shazia Marri. 

Talking about the declining GDP rate of Pakistan, Shazia Marri said that after the arrival of Imran Khan, the growth rate of our country has become negative, but the rulers are singing songs of success in the economic field when millions of Pakistanis have lost their jobs because of negative GDP growth. While talking on the tweet of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on the social networking website a few days ago, PPP leader said that millions of workers have been sent to Pakistan from abroad due to the failed foreign policy of the federal government. Overseas manpower returning home after selling their life earning. 

The overseas Pakistani labourers have returned unemployed and they are bringing in accumulated capital which the rulers are declaring an increase in worker remittances. The PPP MNA further asked that when will the Prime Minister tweet the numbers of the industries which have been closed in two and a half years, since PTI came in power? Inflation has also crossed double digits but federal Govt’s Aristotle hasn’t tweeted anything yet, says Shazia Marri


Pakistan’s growth rate has turned into a negative figure, but the rulers are singing the praises of success in the economic field, she added.


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