Friday, Young doctors in Lahore have announced a strike after a protest by their colleagues turned into a violent clash with the police.

The doctors will not be attending the OPDs on saturday.

The young doctors gathered to protest a licensing exam recently introduced by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The protest took place at Barkat market in Lahore on friday.

After the doctors attempted to enter the examination center to stop the foreign examinaer from handing out the papers. The police charged on them with pepper spray and batons. Consequently, a doctor passed out and several fell ill.

The clash disturbed the entire area surrounding Barkat road and civilians faced many difficulties. Although the doctors called off the protest. The strike will take place on Saturday.

The Pakistan Medical Commission announced that the doctors will have to pass a licensing exam after the five year degree in order to practice in Pakistan.

MBBS examiners from abroad are to be tested this year. On the other hand, young doctors claim the additional examination was unfair as they had already passed the same exam to obtain their MBBS degrees.

After the protest and clash on Friday, the PMC postponed the exam, which will be held on Sunday instead.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at


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