ISLAMABAD: The fog surrounding the attack on a Chinese convoy in Upper Kohistan has finally been lifted, with senior government sources calling it a “suicide bombing”.

The attack that occurred on Wednesday was initially described by Pakistani officials as an “accident” but on Thursday Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said terrorism could not be ruled out. Insiders have been able to piece together details of the attack which explains the initial confusion that was reflected through contradictory statements issued by the ministers and the Foreign Office.

The convoy of four cars had left the gated compound for the Dasu Dam site early morning on Wednesday. The lead car carried security personnel which was followed by two buses with Chinese staffers on board. As this convoy came onto the road that was open to traffic, another car manoeuvred itself between the buses, sources said, adding that this vehicle was laden with explosives. The driver then rammed the car into the first bus resulting in an explosion.

However, the detonator malfunctioned and the explosives did not go off with full force. The driver of the second bus, on seeing the bus in front of him hit, tried to swerve but lost control and the bus plunged into a ravine, killing many people on board.

The initial confusion about the nature of the blast took place because there were no bullet holes on the vehicles and no IED was found. The explosives used in the blast didn’t have shrapnels nor ball bearings as to how it has been the case usually. The bus that fell into the ravine was not hit either.

It was only much later that the details were pieced together and the conclusion was reached that this was a well-planned terror attack. According to insiders, the Chinese authorities have been kept fully briefed on the facts. The body of the attacker has also been found and DNA sent for identification


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