Conspiracy rejected: Cypher-famed Asjad Majeed is new foreign secretary

In a clear rebuke to Imran Khan’s US conspiracy theory, the government on Friday appointed Asjad Majeed as the country’s new foreign secretary.

Asjad had become a household name –  like Donald Lu – after the then prime minister claimed at the rally and then made it the party stance that the former ambassador to the US had sent a cypher with assertion that the White House wanted to remove Imran.

The claim also included the assertion that the no-confidence motion moved by the PDM was triggered the US government. This known PTI policy had also named Donald Lu – the US State Department official dealing with South Asia – as the main character for allegedly conveying the threat.

What is a cypher?

Cypher is a routine mechanism for diplomats from around the world to provide the governments back home with the latest information and analysis about the host nation’s domestic and foreign policies.

It is always coded and can only be read by three to four top persons including a Foreign Office official who decodes the document.

Later, it is marked (if found sensitive) and sent to the foreign secretary, foreign minister and the prime minister. However, the Foreign Office keeps the original with only copies sent to the other top office holders.

Interestingly, the PTI chairman (the then prime minister) had come up with the regime change conspiracy at rally while waving a white paper on March 27, two days after Asjad completed his tenure in Washington.

The fact is no common white paper is used for cyphers by any country in the world.


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