The government has formed a one-man Broadsheet Inquiry Commission headed by former Justice Azmat Saeed and issued a notification.

On the directive of the prime minister, the Cabinet Division issued the notification. The Cabinet Division also issued terms of reference (TORs) with the notification.

The commission will have the power to form committees of officers and experts for investigation. The commission will scrutinise the selection, appointment and contracts of Broadsheet and IAR. The Commission will also identify the causes and effects of Pakistan’s payments to Broadsheet in 2008.

The People’s Party rejects formation of committee on Broadsheet.

Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said that the appointment of the committee head has exposed the dishonesty of the government. The purpose of appointing Azmat Saeed as the head is to bring down the debris on the opposition and previous governments. The PPP expressed its reservations on the committee. Broadsheet is a very important issue and needs to be investigated transparently.

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