The PTI is all set to launch an agitation against the dismissal of its government and the potential forming of a new regime in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling setting the stage for the no-confidence move against Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday (April 9).

The Express Tribune, quoting insiders, reported on Friday that this movement may be launched in the coming few days and protests will take place against the new government at every platform. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is also mulling resignations en masse of its lawmakers in the national and provincial assemblies.

Though key leaders of the party opine that electoral reforms are crucial for fresh polls and so urgent resignations will be a political dangerous decision as this would open the door for opposition to bring amendments or legislate as per its choice, insiders said.

The ruling party, they added, is also considering approaching the courts to have a commission constituted to probe the ‘foreign conspiracy’ against its government, but a step regarding this will be taken only after due legal consultation.

PTI insiders said that the ruling party had decided to reach out the masses. The new government would be pressured, through public opinion, to undertake electoral reforms and hold fresh general elections.

The party will not leave the political turn unoccupied and the rallies organised against them will be led by PM Imran, they added.

Moreover, if the potential government forges cases against them or makes arrest, then it will be responded with stern protests.

In the recent developments, the powerful quarters in the country remained neutral and they will continue to be impartial in the future too. The well-placed sources also said that the ‘institutions’ adopted a clear policy to strengthen democracy, Constitution and parliament.

The ‘powerful quarters’ will keep themselves distanced from any political process and will play their role in terms of opinion and consultation whenever it is needed, they added.

FOREIGN CONSPIRACY: The new coalition government will make its decision of probing the “foreign conspiracy” after due consultation with its legal experts. This matter could be brought before parliament to unearth the facts behind the ‘threatening letter’.

The new regime will decide about constituting a committee as well as about the formation of the federal cabinet and the united opposition’s nominated new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will issue a policy statement on the said issues, the sources further said.


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