The web news platform is grabbing the attention of mediapersons as popular TV host Imran Riaz Khan mentioned in one of his V-logs Salman Durrani.

Salman, the editor at, in his V-log, has questioned the authenticity of the audio leak of former fist lady Bushra Bibi. Imran mentioned Salman and authenticated his assertion that the alleged tape is engineered.

Imran said that the “miscreants” combine together clips of various tapes and produce something to their advantage. Big media houses are being used to edit the clips. They even get forensic reports from “corrupt” officials in their favour, he added.

Imran quoted Salman and read a tweet that those sources who contacted The News columnist, Ansar Abbasi, contacted him also and told him the same story. We questioned that do you have documentary evidence against Farah Khan, Azam Khan, Imran Khan and his wife that can be produced in any court, their answer was “no”.

Salman Durrani has thanked Imran Khan for mentioning him in his V-log.

“Thank you very much Imran Bhai. You have clarified the matter by mentioning the audio leak of the former Chief Justice. I am also trying to say that a certificate of authenticity of his audio was also brought but Samaa TV, ARY revealed the truth. This is the reality of these audios …” tweeted Salman.

THE TAPE: Itmay be recalled that an audio clip popped up on social media on Saturday night in which former prime minister Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi can be allegedly heard directing the Focal Person to PTI Chairman on Digital Media Dr Arsalan Khalid to spread the “narrative of treason”.

Over a two-minute-long audio clip begins with the former first lady purportedly expressing her resentment towards Dr Arsalan for remaining inactive, saying that the PTI’s social media wing should have been more active these days.

As Dr Arsalan starts to explain the reason for remaining “inactive”, Bushra Bibi stops him and asks to listen to her carefully.

“Aleem Khan and other such people would say things about me, Imran Khan and my friend Farah Khan,” she can be heard as saying, asking Dr Arsalan to link all such people to “treason”.

“Aleem Khan and his companions will be speaking as per their plan. You should link them with treason. You have to raise [threat] letter [issue] on social media and say that we know the letter is authentic.”

In the audio clip, Bushra Bibi can be purportedly heard instructing the PTI social media head to build a narrative that all the PTI dissidents had joined foreign conspirators to save themselves.

The former first lady allegedly asks Dr Arsalan to direct his team to take up the issue of the government not buying oil from Russia and link it with how Imran Khan was being betrayed.

“You cannot let this matter die down,” the supposed Bushra Bibi says to Dr Arsalan, asking him to make a trend so people know that the country and Khan are being betrayed.

“They will talk a lot about me and Farah. You have to link it with treason as well”. The former first lady further tells Dr Arsalan that people were worried about how Imran Khan had knowledge about everything even before they come out in the open.

“I am only telling you this… you don’t have to discuss this issue with anyone. They are after him [Imran Khan] because of this. But you have to link it with treason,” she concludes.

This is not the first time an audio clip surfaced on social media involving Bushra Bibi.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders played an audio tape — purportedly a conversation between the Bahria Town chief and his daughter – revealing how Farah Gogi “demanded a gift” for former first lady Bushra Bibi.


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