PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar on Sunday announced plans for seeking “red warrants” to bring Farhat, also known as Farah Khan, back to Pakistan.

Farah, who is a close aide of PTI chief Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, reportedly left the country following ouster of the government. She has since been named in several cases of fiscal corruption.

Just two days ago, the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) booked Farah and her mother and arrested two others in a case concerning illegal allotment of two industrial plots, measuring 10 acres, to a company owned by her.

The plots were allotted on a subsidised rate offered by the government that was Rs83 million but their market value was about Rs600 million.

In April, NAB authorised an inquiry against her on allegations of accumulating “illegal assets beyond known sources of income, money laundering, and maintaining various accounts in the name of businesses”.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore alongside Punjab Law Minister Malik Ahmed Khan, Tarar took aim at the former premier’s wife and played an audio clip of an alleged conversation between Bushra Bibi and PTI’s social media head Arsalan Khalid, in which the former issues instructions to the latter on labelling political opponents as “traitors”.

Tarar said the Ministry of Interior had already been communicated with about the issuance of “red warrants”.

He also said Farah had sent him a Rs6 billion legal notice, claiming her name was Farhat Shahzadi and she was wrongly referred to as “Gogi” by him during press talks.

He said Imran should call Farah back to the country if he had a firm belief that she was innocent. “I must say here that Imran is not bringing her back here because she and her husband will become approvers within an hour of their arrest,” Tarar claimed.

The PML-N leader accused the former prime minister of committing corruption through Farah, who, he said, was responsible for all “dealings”.

Tarar said that Farah obtained an industrial plot in Faisalabad Special Economic Zone for Rs83 million against its market value of Rs600m. “Farah, her mother Bushra Khan and (Farah’s husband) Ahsan Jamil Gujjar are involved in this deal.”

He insisted that the case would not drag for long, saying “it is an open and shut case.”

Tarar called Farah, her husband and Bushra Bibi a “troika” who sit together for hours at the Prime Minister’s House to finalise deals.

“Imran is not an ordinary man. His corruption stories are now surfacing and a lot more will be unearthed in the days to come,” Tarar claimed.

Imran started “criticising the army once his corruption cases surfaced,” he concluded.

Earlier, Malik Ahmed Khan asked Imran to furnish evidence if he had any regarding the alleged backing of institutions to the PML-N.

Imran, in his speech at the Parade Ground on Saturday night, claimed that rigging could take place during the upcoming by-elections in Punjab as “the umpires” stand on the government’s side.

The provincial law minister said: “Pakistan is threatened by an internal conspiracy hatched by Imran Khan as we have no threats of an external conspiracy.”

Malik accused the former PTI government and Imran Khan of transferring “billions of rupees” from digital media wing accounts to retired servicemen, who according to him, were working for the PTI’s social media teams.

He referred to Bushra Bibi as “Pinky Peerni”, asking whether it was possible for her to commit financial irregularities with the approval of Imran.

He claimed that the government would defeat the PTI in the by-elections. “We will win at least 19 of the 20 seats,” the PML-N leader boasted.

When asked whether his party still held critical views about the army as they held during the elections, Malik said: “Our criticism of the army was political and it was based on interference in [2018] elections. And we had evidence for it.”

Replying to another question, the provincial law minister said the allegation of Toshakhana against ex-PM Nawaz Sharif were “baseless”. Prime minister was entitled to get a vehicle from Toshakana by paying its price, he added.

According to a reference filed by an accountability court, Nawaz as well as former president and co-chairperson of PPP Asif Ali Zardari had got cars from Toshakhana by paying only 15 percent of the price of the luxury vehicles. The NAB had alleged that ex-PM Yousaf Raza Gillani facilitated the allotment of the vehicles to Zardari and Nawaz by “dishonestly” and “illegally” relaxing the procedure for the acceptance and disposal of gifts vide a cabinet division memorandum of 2007.

Malik said Imran praised army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa when he was in the government. “I can show several interviews of him wherein he is commending the army.”

However, when he was ousted, he started targeting Gen Bajwa for “not saving his government.”

He lashed out at Imran “who hurled allegations at all his opponents while he himself remained involved in corruption.”

“Imran sold watches for Rs180 million and also took along almost all gifts from the Toshakhana,” the minister alleged, calling Imran Khan “Tosha Khan”.


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