PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday asked the people to reach and gather in Rawalpindi on Nov 26 and said he would give his future course of action there, as he criticised the establishment for enabling the PML-N and the PPP to reach the power corridors again.

Meanwhile, the PTI chairman fumbled during his address as he first said the people should reach Islamabad but then after a few moments changed it with Rawalpindi, as if someone pointed that out.

In a live address via video link to his supporters participating in the long march, Imran said he had a question for the establishment, to which he still had not received any answer. “What was it that in 3.5 years these people (the Sharif and Zardari families) were bathed in that they suddenly became acceptable for the establishment and were placed over us?” Imran questioned.

He asked whether the establishment was not aware of their past, adding that the agencies had all details on their histories and past dealings. “My question is after seven months: tell me any one thing they did better in the country.”

The former prime minister added that after removing the PTI government “thieves” were imposed on the people, who wanted to disqualify him for keeping him out of politics.

Imran said he would give the next plan of action for the party’s long march after his supporters reach Rawalpindi on November 26.

“You have to fully try to reach between 1-2pm. I will myself address and give the next plan of action,” he said, adding that the PTI’s movement would not stop.

Addressing the “powerful quarters”, he said that no matter which segment of society was asked, they would say there was no other solution to the country’s issues than fresh and fair elections.

The PTI chairman Imran Khan said that the nation could not afford to remain neutral at the current juncture. “If you remain neutral today then your children and coming generations will regret that you sat in homes when you should have struggled against injustice.

“I have no need to risk my life and set out but it was in my mind from childhood that death is better than slavery. This is slavery what is happening. I as an ex-prime minister could not register my FIR … so think what rights you as the nation have,” Imran said.

He claimed that there was continued threat to his life, the PTI chairman alleged that the PML-N and “Dirty Harry” were behind the private TV channel’s story about selling Toshakhana gifts against him.

“They made the story on me about what I did with the watch,” he said, adding that he had to “sadly” say he would not get justice from local courts and that is why he would be approaching international courts.

“I know I will get justice there,” Imran said, adding that he was familiar with how those courts operated.


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