PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses supporters on day 6 of the long march on Wednesday.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said the coalition government is scared as its kanpein tang rahi hain because “we have won Pakistan’s match”, adding that the authorities up there are “shivering and sweating” as the PTI march is nearing Islamabad.

Khan maintained that people shouldn’t think that PTI’s movement will end after reaching Islamabad, “our movement will continue for the next 10 months until the date for elections will be announced.”

“We will never accept these thieves,” he reiterated, adding that it is better to die than to become slaves of these “thieves”.

Addressing the participants of the march at the start of the sixth day, Imran said that there is no progress in a society till there is justice.

“Denial of justice is our biggest problem,” said the PTI chief. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was set to be sentenced in the Rs16 billion corruption case, but lacunae in the judicial system gave him reprieve, he added.

“Fifty years ago, Pakistan was developing rapidly. Our country cannot develop unless there is justice,” said the PTI chief. The accountability watchdog was never under his control when PTI was in power, he added.

“Those who were controlling the NAB saved them,” said Khan. Ever since the “thieves” have been “imposed” on the country, electricity prices have been skyrocketing, he continued.

“The cases against him have started to end, NRO is being provided. Zardari’s cases have also started finishing,” said the PTI chief.

“Yesterday they used to say they are thieves, today they say NRO has been given, they are clean,” said Khan.

He claimed that the incumbent government has made laws that will only convict “petty thieves”. 

Imran said that he would not accept the incumbent government “at any cost” and would rather die than “bow down before these thieves [ruling parties]”.

“I have reached to this point after a struggle of 26 years in politics but all other politicians were born in the ‘military nursery’. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was Ayub Khan’s minister for eight years and Nawaz Sharif became the prime minister of the country while installing iron bars in the house of General Jilani,” he added.

Imran also raised the question that who wanted to silence slain journalist Arshad Sharif, saying who is threatening the journalist community of the country.

He said that he tried his best to punish the “thieves” who had looted the country for 30 years but there were some “secret hands” that managed to save the culprits.

The PTI chief said that if the army has decided to stay neutral then who is stopping them from holding transparent elections in the country?

He said the people of Pakistan need to “stand up for their rights”.

“Justice is only given in human society and you will have to support me. It is better to die than be a slave,” the PTI chairperson said.

He questioned the deaths of officers investigating corruption cases against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying “all officers died one after another”.

“No one asked how they died all of a sudden, and then Imran Raza, another officer conducting the inquiry, died later.”

Reiterating that the system “cannot be fixed until the powerful are brought under the law”, Imran claimed “hidden hands” were helping so the incumbent government’s leadership does not get arrested.

He also lamented that Pakistan’s biggest issue is that corrupt people get into leadership without any accountability.

Following the speech, Senator Faisal Javed asked the masses to take the party’s oath.

Meanwhile, PTI leader from Sindh Ali Zaidi said that the party’s caravan has departed Khanewal and will reach Gujrat by tonight (Wednesday night).


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