PTI Chairman Imran Khan said on Monday he would be the first to render sacrifice for the country whenever she would need.

Imran was addressing participants of long march at Chan Da Qila at the end of day four of his trek to capital Islamabad to force the ruling coalition to announce snap polls in the country.

Imran announced that the marchers would stop for an overnight stay at Chan Da Qila and resume journey towards Gujranwala on Tuesday.

The former prime minister told the workers that “freedom is not served on a plate. You have to sacrifice for that.” And, he said, he was ready to sacrifice everything for the motherland.

“As soon as we pass through a city, Pakistanis will see that revolution is coming in the country. The entire nation is a witness that a peaceful revolution is coming to Pakistan,” he added.

He said that in order to ensure the supremacy of law in the country, he needed the support of the public. 

“We will only get true freedom once we can have a government of people’s choice,” he said, adding that as long as “thieves” continue to be imposed on people after seeking NROs, nothing can change.

“This nation will never accept these thieves.”

Khan said that once he will reach Gujranwala, he would spend an entire day with the pehalwans there. 

Earlier, Khan said that he is not a mental slave to anyone. 

Speaking about how he respects Pakistani culture, he said that whenever he goes abroad, he makes sure to wear shalwar kameez as opposed to wearing a suit because he doesn’t want to be a slave to the West. 

“I am not a mental slave to anyone. The Americans have made them [coalition government leaders] slaves so that they could not make any decisions on their own.”

He reiterated that real freedom implied freedom from external masters. 

The PTI chairman also said that he wants the Pakistani passport to be respected all over the world.

In his address in Eminabad, Imran said that it will take eight to nine days to reach Islamabad. 

Earlier, the PTI chairman had said the march would enter the federal capital on November 4. 

“Our convoys will leave from all over Pakistan for Islamabad. People are joining us from Sindh, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan,” Khan said.

He also took a jibe at PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and said that the “fugitive is waiting for the environment of the country to be suitable for his return.”

Addressing the marchers in Kamoke, Imran criticised the establishment and said that they should “not side with the thieves for God’s sake”.

The PTI chairman added that those who stand with thieves will be equally responsible.

“When Musharraf removed the two families [Sharifs and Bhuttos] for corruption, the whole nation stood with the establishment. But now, you have dry-cleaned them and imposed them on us again,” he said.

The PTI chief, once again questioned the powers of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, saying that he was powerless, a probable reference to appointment of new army chief.

He said that those who make decisions behind closed doors should not treat the people like animals.

VISITS JOURNALIST’S FAMILY: Imran visited the family of reporter Sadaf Naeem before embarking upon the fourth leg of PTI long march on Monday.

Hecondoled with the family and prayed for the departed soul.

Sadaf died on Sunday while performing her duties after falling from a container.


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