The federal government will table the Rs350 billion mini budget today (Thursday) causing “an unprecedented wave of inflation in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned a meeting of the federal cabinet that will approve the Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2021, commonly called as mini budget.

Later, the bill will directly be presented in the National Assembly as part of the government’s effort to get the IMF package worth $6 billion.

Earlier, the premier will preside over a meeting of the members of the PTI’s parliamentary party who will be briefed on the mini budget.

Following the passage of the mini budget, prices of several commodities, including power, gas and petroleum products, will go up owing to the tough conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Besides withdrawing subsidies, taxes and duties on more than 1,700 items, including all imported and luxury items, will also be increased.


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