PTI Chairman Imran Khan has warned that if the establishment does not “take the right decision” then Pakistan would break into “three parts”.

In an interview with a private television channel on Wednesday night, the ousted prime minister said the country is on the brink of “suicide” if “right decisions” are not taken, as it might move towards default.

“The actual problem here is of Pakistan and establishment. If the establishment does not take the right decision, then I will give it to you in writing that they will be destroyed, and the armed forces will be the first ones to be destroyed,” he told the interviewer.

The former premier warned that once the country is destroyed, it will default, and the world powers will ask Pakistan to move towards denuclearisation — as Ukraine did in the 1990s.

“Indian think tanks abroad are considering to separate Balochistan, they have plans, this is why I am putting pressure,” the ousted premier said, without mentioning who he is pressurising.

The ex-premier claimed that the coalition government would please the United States “in every way”, as PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari always worked to make the nexus of America, India, and Israel “happy”.

“Their (government) plan is not to strengthen Pakistan […] when I was ousted, there were celebrations in India like Shehbaz Sharif was an Indian [who came into power],” he said.

The ex-premier claimed India did not like him in power as he wanted an independent foreign policy. 

“So, when you want an independent foreign policy, you have to say no sometimes.”

He reiterated his demand to Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial for a probe into the alleged threat letter that his government received from the United States — which he claims mentioned ousting his party from power.

The former prime minister assured that he will march again towards Islamabad, but noted that his protest rally was dependent on the top court’s decision.

He warned that the country would descend into a civil war if elections were not announced.

“We will see if they allow us to go towards elections through legal and constitutional means otherwise the country will go towards [a] civil war,” he said.

Imran categorically said there was “no question” of returning to the National Assembly as that would “mean accepting the conspiracy” that had removed his government.

The PTI chief admitted he did not enjoy absolute power as the prime minister, indicating that the actual centres of power in the country lay elsewhere and “everyone knows where that is.”

The interviewer asked Imran to recall the events of the night of no-confidence vote against him, who was issuing orders and who had impeded the cases against the PPP and the PML-N leaders.

Imran said his government had been “weak” when it came to power and had to seek coalition partners, adding that if the same situation were to arise again, he would opt for reelections and seek a majority government or none at all.

“Our hands were tied. We were blackmailed from everywhere. Power wasn’t with us. Everyone knows where the power lies in Pakistan so we had to rely on them,” he said without elaborating any further who he was referring to.

“We relied on them all the time. They did a lot of good things too but they didn’t do many things that should’ve been done. They have the power because they control institutions such as NAB (National Accountability Bureau), which wasn’t in our control.”

He claimed that while his government had the responsibility, it did not have all the power and authority.

“No management works if I have responsibility but have no complete power and authority. A system works only when responsibility and authority are in one place.”

Imran said it was imperative for the country to have a “strong army” due to the threat posed by the enemies but said there was also the need to strike a “balance” between having a strong army and a strong government.

Prodded again to share his thoughts on the night of the no-confidence vote, Imran declined to go in details and said: “History never forgives anyone. Things come out. If you ask me, I won’t go into details, but when history will be written then it’ll be counted as such a night in which Pakistan and its institutions were damaged a lot.

“Those same institutions weakened Pakistan which give it its foundation and strengthened it.”

Backtracks on six-day ultimatum

Meanwhile, Imran has backtracked from the six-day ultimatum he had given to the coalition government for the announcement of the fresh elections.

After reaching Islamabad on May 25 leading “Azadi March”, Imran surprised many by announcing to call off the much-hyped march to the capital. However, he had given a six-day deadline to the government for announcing the election date — an ultimatum which expired on Tuesday.

The former premier had vowed to bring an “ocean of people” to the capital if the government did not comply with his demand.

On Wednesday, Imran told a social media conference in Peshawar that the PTI has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for a ‘peaceful protest’ in Islamabad.

“We want protection from the Supreme Court on whether we have the right to peaceful protest and whether the judiciary can allow these ‘criminals’ (government officials) to torture women and children,” he said and added that he would give the call for march only after the apex court’s verdict.

Imran said that the “courts are formed to give protection to the weak. They will be better prepared this time while going to Islamabad and will not repeat mistakes.”

Equating the struggle against the present government as jihad, he said that the decisive moment had arrived for the nation. “The government is trying to intimidate people… the shells that were used [against protesters] in Islamabad were the same that were used against the terrorists,” he added.

The PTI chairman said certain members of the incumbent government had been committing crimes for the past 30 years but they were still imposed upon the nation.

“Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah had killed 14 people in broad daylight in Model Town… these people should have been in prison,” he said and added that if the nation defeats the “looters and murderers”, then Pakistan will rise.

Imran said that the Almighty does not allow anyone to remain ‘neutral’.


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