PTI Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the coalition rulers were “running away” from elections after the government rejected his suggestion of holding snap polls.

Imran has warned the government that he has given it “some time” to take a decision on announcing the date for the general elections, otherwise, he will move towards Islamabad — and the march will not be delayed beyond October.

In a conversation with delegations of the National Press Club and Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ), the ex-premier said that the government was trying its best to disqualify him, hence, cases were lodged against him.

Mentioning that the march was crucial for “haqeeqi azadi (real freedom)”, the PTI chairman reiterated that it will be held this month at all costs.

Despite the former prime minister’s repeated warnings, the federal government reprimanded Imran and warned him against marching to the capital.

Talking about his days in power, he said that his government was “weak”.

“I would never accept such a setup in the future. There was a lot of pressure on me.”

Recalling his achievements, the PTI chairman said the country’s growth rate rose to 6% due to their effective measures when their government was toppled.

But he lamented that the ruling alliance “bankrupted” the country in just six months. PM Shehbaz Sharif “stole” Rs16 billion but he was acquitted after coming into power, he added.

Imran was referring to the acquittal of the prime minister and his son, Hamza Shah in a Rs16 billion sugar scam by a special court in Lahore earlier this month.

“In Pakistan, powerful mafias of sugar, oil and builders have captured the entire system,” he said.

Responding to a complaint about harassment of female journalists in PTI’s rallies, Khan vowed that he would issue strict directions to his party workers in this regard.

“Gharida Farooqi enters the crowd and then complaints of harassment,” he added.

To another question, Imran said that he could not stop trolling on social media.


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