Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan (C) addresses his supporters during an anti-government march towards capital Islamabad, demanding early elections, in Gujranwala on November 1, 2022. (Photo by Arif ALI / AFP)

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday compared his struggle for ‘real freedom’ with that of Awami League chief Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman and reminded that the country had dismembered after a political party with a legitimate political mandate was denied its right to rule.

The former premier, whose long march started on Friday, made these remarks while addressing party supporters in Gujranwala. On its fifth day, the march still had not moved beyond Gujranwala, falling way behind its schedule.

In his address to the participants, the PTI chairman said the Awami League was denied its “electoral mandate” which resulted in the separation of the eastern half of the country.

“A shrewd politician [ZA Bhutto], in his greed for power, set the armed forces against the then largest party [Awami League], which had won elections, causing the dismemberment of the country.”

Comparing the PTI with Awami League, Imran said his party was the “largest and sole federal party” and yet he was denied fresh elections by the government.

“Everyone knows Mujib and his party won the general elections in 1970. Instead of handing over power, a clever politician set Awami League and the army on the collision course… at present, Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are playing a similar role as they are trying to conspire with the establishment to block the PTI’s journey back to power,” the former premier alleged.


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