Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trouble are compounding as more members of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are quitting the party. MNA Najeeb Haroon, who is also the founding member of PTI, said the only way to end the turmoil is the resignation of the premier.

Talking to a leading news channel on Friday night, Haroon said that the PM should resign and bring forward any other member from the party for the office of prime minister.

“That’s the only way to move forward and bring this crisis to an end,” he stated.

The MNA was of the view that not only the government, but the party is also at stake by this stalemate situation.

“The country can no longer sustain instability and PM Imran must not stubborn and somebody else from within the party be brought forward as the prime ministerial candidate,” he suggested.

Reaffirming his support for the party in the crisis, despite having differences, he said: “I am founding member and conveyed my thinking to the premier in a meeting as well.”

Haroon, like several other MNAs, also distanced himself from the stance taken by federal ministers Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umar and Fawad Chaudhry who “categorically” stated that there was “no space” for minus-Imran Khan formula.

Earlier during the show, another disgruntled member Aamir Talal Gopang denied the impression that he was bribed by the opposition to vote against Prime Minister Imran.

After Gopang’s decision, the number of PTI disgruntled MPs reached 14 as Afzal Khan Dhandla also released a video message, confirming his distance from the party.

Gopang, who was elected from NA-186 Alipur constituency, Muzaffargarh, Punjab, said: “I am saying it under oath that I haven’t taken any perks and privileges for casting vote against the party line.”

In his video message, released seprately, he said that no development work was done in his constituency during Imran Khan’s tenure.

“I will decide on the no-confidence motion according to the people and my conscience,” he said, adding that three and a half years ago he joined the PTI thinking that he would serve his people, solve the problems of the people of the constituency but it is sad to say that PM Imran Khan and his team has not done any work during the last three and a half years.

The disgruntled member said that he would go to the National Assembly on the day of the no-confidence motion and vote according to the opinion of his people and his conscience.

On the other hand, PTI MNA Afzal Dhandla from Bhakkar said in a video message that he has not received any offer of money from anywhere. 

The lawmaker said that he has a longstanding relationship with PML-N which cannot be denied and every Pakistani is worried about the internal, political and economic situation of the country at present.

Dhandla went on to say that he will decide on voting for a no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan after consulting with the voters of his constituency. 

“I will use my vote in accordance with my conscience and not under any greed or pressure,” he added.


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