Just in time for the holidays, a Russian luxury business melted down a Tesla automobile to produce busts of Elon Musk. The customisable busts cost $3,220 apiece but Business Insider regrettably reports that it looks nothing like the CEO himself.

According to Caviar’s website, the item is an “exclusive, extra limited version” with a total of 27 pieces, and it’s “no longer just a portrait of the great visionary,” calling it “the quintessence of his progressive inventions and ingenious thoughts.”

The busts are “made from the same metal as the Tesla Model 3,” and each of the 27 busts houses an electric vehicle. The granite base has a 24 karat gold inscription of ‘Elon Musk’ on it.

Sergey Kitov, company founder writes in a news release “These new items embody the soul of Elon Musk and, therefore, they will bring their owners the success and creativity of this outstanding individual”.

The motivating sculpture, according to Head of Marketing Dmitrey Stoliarov, is created from the metal of a blue Tesla Model 3. Reuters reports that it has a starting price of $58,000 in Russia.

According to Business Insider, a 3D artist hired by Caviar created the sculpture’s resemblance – or lack thereof – of Musk.  “We didn’t download it from the internet,” Stoliarov says.

Talking about the disparity between “Our artist did not pursue the goal of creating photographic accuracy,” Stoliarov told Business Insider of the disparity between the bust design and the billionaire’s looks. He drew a picture of the inventor that included all of his assets. Caviar is most known for its high-end smartphone designs, such as the $49,240 diamond-encrusted ‘Terradiamond’ iPhone 13, of which only 18 are available, and the relatively less costly ‘Assassin’ iPhone 12 with a Blackened titanium and textured carbon case, which sells for $6,110.

Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov, singer Fred Durst, and actor Steven Seagal are among Caviar’s well-known clients.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at info@thecorrespondent.com.pk.


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