Reham Khan marries Bilal Mirza: ‘Finally found a man who I can trust’
Reham Khan with Bilal Mirza after their wedding in Seattle, the US.

Reham Khan, a former wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, on Friday announced her latest marriage, saying she had finally a man who she could trust.

And groom is Bilal Mira – famous model – who was also associated with famous comedy show on a private TV channel and others production.

Reham, a British-Pakistani journalist, also shared images showing the nikkah ceremony held in Seattle – a city on the West Coast of the US – and with Mirza in their wedding dress.

Similarly, Mirza who is 36, said he was happy to announce that he had tied knot with the lady she always dreamed off. “Excited for the new journey of my life.”

Reham, 49, was first married to Ijaz Rehman – a psychiatrist – in 1993 and were divorced in 2005. She has three children from her first marriage who are based in the United Kingdom.

Her second marriage with Imran lasted for barely 10 months. The couple got married in 2014 and were divorced in 2015.

Reham, after her divorce from Khan and his third marriage with Bushra Bibi, accused him of being “unfaithful”.

Later, Reham published her autobiography in 2018 “Reham Khan” which revolved around her marriage with the PTI chief.

After the divorce, Reham revealed that she had been subjected to a hate campaign in Pakistan which is why their marriage could not last.

Born in Libya, Reham studied in Pakistan and began working as a broadcast journalist in the UK in the mid-90s, including as a weather presenter for BBC South Today. After moving to Pakistan in 2012, she met Imran while interviewing him for a local TV show.


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