Jennifer Aniston is reportedly looking to adopt a baby girl after opening up about her heartbreaking IVF journey in recent interview.

An insider close to the Friends alum told In Touch USA that the actor has “decided to adopt a baby girl” after “she’s been doing a lot of introspection.”

The Morning Show star “is at a really good place thanks to therapy and meditation,” the insider said, adding, she is “content with being single and growing older.”

But “she’s never given up hope when it comes to having a child” and that “she’s finally at a place where it makes sense to do it a different way,” the insider alleged.

The source went on to add that Aniston made the decision after the death of her father, John Aniston, which “brought up a lot of feelings” including her strained relationship with her own mom.

“She didn’t want that to hold her back. Also, Jen made peace with her mother before she died, so now Jen has no hesitation about raising a child of her own.”

“She obviously has the means to adopt and give a child the best of everything. She could hire multiple nannies. But that’s not what she wants,” the insider said while revealing that the actor wants to be a hands on mother.

Jennifer Aniston is “excited about the future and couldn’t be happier” to face this “amazing new chapter” in her life with her baby, the source shared.


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