A life without sharing? Netflix to charge more if password is shared
Netflix says more than 100 million homes currently share passwords, and this "undermines" the company's ability to "invest and improve" the service

Not a good news for those relying on Netflix password shared by your friend or family member, as the streaming service is set to change this practice by charging more. Who will pay extra to accommodate you? Sorry for informing you.

But everything heartbreak makes someone laugh and so should the Netflix subscribers who have been tired of sharing their password or annoying the loved ones and close associates by refusing to do so. Cheer up man! Your ordeal will end soon.

However, please don’t forget thanking the Netflix owners who want to make more money despite the fact that the company’s value currently stands at $148.11 billion. Certainly, you can’t blame someone just because he needs more bucks.

So here comes the story. Netflix, after warning subscribers for months, now is likely to finally getting very serious about cracking down on password-sharing. As part of the company’s latest earnings report, the company said it expects to roll out “paid sharing” to more users during this fiscal quarter.

According to Netflix, it will roll out the ability to pay money to share passwords “more broadly” in the months to come. More than 100 million homes currently share passwords, and this “undermines” the company’s ability to “invest and improve” the service. Password-sharing also hurts Netflix’s ability to “build our business”.

Netflix said it expected the crackdown on password-sharing, as well as the launch of an ad-based subscription tier, should help the company make more money in the long run.

At the same time, the streaming service anticipates some level of negative impact on engagement due to people leaving the Netflix ecosystem after the password-sharing fee program rolls out.

Netflix has already rolled out the password-sharing changes in some countries, including Argentina and Honduras. If the global rollout is similar to the test phase, Netflix will charge password-sharers an extra fee of a few dollars.

If you have a profile on, say, your parents’ membership, you’ll be able to transfer that profile to your own new paid account. Or, if the Netflix subscriber in your life that has been allowing you onto their plan is generous enough, they’ll be able to create a “sub-account” to keep paying for that profile to stay active. The fee was not disclosed.


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