The Russian foreign ministry has responded to the claims of a “threat letter” to Pakistan’s de-notified PM Imran Khan, saying: “Since Imran Khan did not cancel his visit to Russia, the United States decided to punish Imran Khan.”

According to India Today, Imran Khan had earlier said that a foreign country not only expressed disapproval over his premiership but also demanded that he be ousted through a no-confidence vote so that Pakistan be “forgiven”. He said that the foreign country objected to his independent foreign policy.

He said the “threat memo” did not only demand a regime change but clearly mentioned that he should be removed as the prime minister.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was on his maiden visit to Russia in February, seemingly described the Russia-Ukraine war as “exciting”.

“What a time I have come… So much excitement,” he was heard telling a Russian official after landing in Russia. A video of the interaction went viral.


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