There may be good news for Prime Minister Imran Khan as differences between the Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan groups are rising.

Insiders revealed on Thursday that “chances are increasing that both groups will go their own way.”

News from London is that Tareen is avoiding meeting Aleem Khan, because he is facing pressure from some hardline members of his group. As such, there has been no contact between Jahangir and Aleem.

Insiders said the hardline members of the Tareen group believe that joining hands with the Aleem group was tantamount to hijacking the Tareen group.

According to them, the Aleem Khan group wants to remain within the PTI but seeks a change in the Punjab. On the other hand, the Tareen group desires change in the Centre but only overtly seeking change of Punjab’s chief minister.

Aleem group has the support of more than 15 members of the Punjab Assembly but there is no MNA in his group.


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