National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser had opposed the PTI leadership’s script of rejecting the vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan under Article 5 of the Constitution, news channel Geo reported.

On Sunday, the National Assembly had to vote on the no-trust motion against the PM, but Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri ruled out the no-trust motion under Article 5, subsequently, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on the PM’s advice and ordered fresh polls in the country.

According to legal and constitutional experts, by not conducting a vote on the no-trust motion and subsequently dissolving assemblies, the PTI leadership has subverted the Constitution and interpreted Article 5 wrongly as it is openly a violation and abrogation of the Constitution.

On the day of voting, NA Speaker Asad Qaiser did not preside over the lower house session. Instead, Deputy Speaker Qasim Soori conducted the session and left the country in a tumultuous situation.

The channel quoted sources close to Speaker Qaiser said that he was not ready to give a ruling under Article 5 of the Constitution to reject the no-trust motion against PM.

Qaiser has expressed concern with the PTI leadership over ruling under article 5, said sources.

They said the PM’s legal team tried to woo Qaiser to foil the trust motion; however, he disagreed with the legal team’s point of view and refrained from attending the lower house session.

Qaiser did not reply to the channel’s reporter except saying “no comments”.

“The matter is in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, therefore, I cannot say anything,” he said.


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