Shahnawaz Amir and Sara Inam

A district and sessions court on Monday indicted the main accused Shahnawaz Amir and his mother Samina Shah in the Sara Inam murder case.

The main accused was found guilty of murder in police challan as he had confessed to the murder during the investigation.

The court has called the prosecution’s witnesses on December 14.

According to the challan, the main accused had told the police during the investigation that when Sara Inam did not send him money (sometime before her murder) she had a heated telephonic conversation with him and he had divorced her on the phone.

The accused told police that after the divorce, Sara had reached Islamabad from Abu Dhabi on September 22.

He said that she had started arguing with him in the bedroom that night and had demanded to return the money she had sent to him.

On which, according to the police challan, the suspect first hit Sara with a showpiece and injured her. When she started making noise, the accused picked up a dumbbell and hit her several times on the head.

The challan also stated that, on the crime scene, Samina Shah, the mother of the accused, told the police that her son had a fight with his wife Sara and he killed her by hitting her on the head with a dumbbell.

After the arrest, the accused had confessed that he killed his wife during a fight.

According to the challan, the main accused told the police that, he hid his wife’s body in a bathroom tub before it was recovered by the police on his identification.

Judge Atta Rabbani dismissed the request of co-accused Samina Shah to be discharged from the case.

Co-accused Samina Shah had requested to be discharged before the indictment. She appeared before the court along with her lawyer Nisar Asghar.

At the outset of the hearing, the lawyer told the court that according to the police, the presence of Samina Shah was found but they failed to find any intervention.

The lawyer requested that the mother of the accused be discharged from the case as the prosecution’s case was not against her.

The plaintiff in the case, engineer Inam-ur-Rahim, presented his lawyer Rao Abdul-Rahim before the court.

Advocate Rahim told the court that it is believed that everyone had dinner together that night and said that it is in the police record that Sara visited her husband after the divorce.

“What happened when these three people sat there in the evening,” he asked.

He further told the court that the divorce took place two days before the incident and that the CCTV cameras in the farmhouse, where Sara was murdered, were switched off.

The lawyer added that according to the suspect the murder took place at 9 am, however, the post-mortem report states otherwise.

“If the autopsy was done at one o’clock in the afternoon, then 10-12 hours back would be one am in the night,” the lawyer added, implying that the report mentions that Sara was dead around 12 hours before the autopsy was conducted. 

Rahim furthered that the DVR has been seized by the police and sent for forensics.

Shahnawaz Amir was arrested by the Islamabad Police on September 23, on charges of murdering his wife, Sara. She was allegedly murdered at their farmhouse in Islamabad’s Chak Shehzad suburb, where the suspect lived along with his mother.


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