The coalition government would not arrest Imran Khan as the warrant issued by a local Islamabad court is bailable, said Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

The minister told a private news channel on Saturday night that warrants had to be issued because an accused is required to appear before a magistrate. “The judge issues an arrest warrant if the accused fails to appear before the court,” he explained.

This is a routine warrant issued under bailable clauses, he added, ruling out Imran’s arrest.

Discussing a case that was filed against Imran Khan for threatening a judge, the interior minister said the Islamabad High Court only dismissed the anti-terrorism provisions of the case. The court has not disposed of the case, he asserted. 

Censuring the PTI chief, Sanaullah said he had compromised the independence of the country.

“His [Imran’s] crime is not pardonable. The Parliament will discuss it, and lawmakers will ratify any decision that is made unanimously at the floor of the House,” he continued.

The minister said that the government has taken serious note of the audio leaks and has formed a committee to probe the issue.

When asked about the whereabouts of the diplomatic cypher, he said that the records of the Prime Minister’s House are not checked every day; the record was only checked when the cypher was required.

The copy of the cypher was received at the PM House but is no longer there, Sanaullah said. It seemed the former prime minister took the copy in his pocket, he added.

The minister said it was a farce by Imran, who recorded the minutes and later sent the same to the chief justice of Pakistan and the speaker of the National Assembly.


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