Republicans inch closer to control House of Representatives
Republicans inch closer to control House of Representatives

The Republicans are inching closer to control the House of Representatives as the number of seats which have won, according to the latest projections, currently stands at 215. It means they are now just three shy of 218 – the number of seats required to have majority in the House comprising 435 members.

According to the CNN, the Democrats have 204 seats, thus no gain since yesterday. The results for the remaining 17 seats are still being awaited. However, the Democrats have been able to retain their majority in Senate, with the runoff election in Georgia scheduled for Dec 6.

On the other hand, some other media outlets are projecting that the Republicans have already gained 217 seats.

It is worth mentioning that Georgia is the only state in the United States where a runoff election is held if no candidate is able to bag more than 50 percent votes. Hence, the Democrat candidate (also a sitting senator) Raphel Warnock will face his rival Herschel Walker yet again to decide the ultimate winner.

As far as the House is concerned, the Republicans have so far been able to flip 18 seats while the Democrats are able to repeat the same in five cases. Currently, the Democrats have 220 seats against 212 for the Republicans with the remaining three being vacant.

The Republicans controlling the House will be a great obstacle for President Biden during his remaining tenure. However, the Democrats defied all predictions and are able to retain the Senate. In fact, they snatched one of seats from the Republicans as John Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, the margin of an expected Republican majority in the House is narrower than the polls conducted before the elections.

Experts are of the view that the Republican hardline on issues like abortion rights made women and young voters to vote for the Democrats. 

However, the Republicans can still not only affect the domestic politics but also international affairs as the most of them, especially the pro-Trump camp, are against supporting Ukraine militarily because of their pro-Putin inclinations.        

The absence of any red wave is also damaging for Donald Trump’s attempt to get Republican nomination for 2024 presidential election with several of his backed candidates being defeated. Even media outlets like The New Yorker are now critical of him with the debate within party about the future course of action also growing.

However, the latest developments haven’t dampened Trump’s spirit as he warned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last week against running for president in 2024, saying doing so would harm the Republican Party. He also threatened to release unflattering information about the 44-year-old, without providing details.

The warning came as DeSantis won a landslide victory in the midterms, underlining his popularity and further fuelling speculation he will launch a bid as Trump is also tipped to announce a presidential run.


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