The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has said it will take legal action against PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz for what it calls her ‘controversial’ social media campaign accusing Chairman Imran Khan of blasphemy that may endanger his life.

Maryam on Monday uploaded two purported statements of ex-premier Imran and as many verses of Quran on her Twitter account to draw comparison between them. She also tweeted: “This man is using religion for his politics and promoting his false narrative. Save your faith and the country from this satan.”

According to the PTI, after Maryam’s tweet, a trend on Twitter against Imran accusing him of blasphemy followed with more than 65,000 tweets targeting the PTI chairman. There were also tweets critical of Maryam suggesting her not to drag religion into politics that might endanger someone’s life.

“We will not let this matter go unnoticed. Legal action will be taken against Maryam Nawaz for using the tool of blasphemy to endanger the life of the PTI chairman,” PTI’s senior leader Fawad Chaudhry declared.

Fawad told Dawn on Monday “The coalition government is probably the only government that is using blasphemy laws against political opponents blatantly. Using religion cards is the most blatant attempt to physically eliminate political opponents and Maryam Nawaz and Fazal-ur-Rehman are creating this web to physically eliminate Imran Khan.”

He said Maryam Nawaz was behind such trends on the social media.

IMRAN’S MEETING WITH ROBIN RAPHEL: Earlier, during a press conference, Fawad neither accepted nor denied whether Imran met former US diplomat Robin Raphel at his Bani Gala residence. 

He said that he did not ask Imran whether he met the ex-diplomat or not. 

“There is no issue if Robin Raphel is in Pakistan or visits this country as she has retired and has no links with the US government,” he added. 

Fawad said that the party wants diplomatic relations with the United States on an equal footing. “We don’t want war with America and we acknowledge the Pakistan-US relations,” he continued. 

He said that the PTI will “continue political engagement and transactions with the US government and the embassy,” adding that Pakistan-US relation was important for both countries, 

About the general elections, the ex-minister alleged that the incumbent government was preparing to kill Imran Khan and wanted to create an atmosphere of religious hatred, adding that this was the “only government to file blasphemy cases against the opposition.”

Shedding light on the devastation caused by the floods, he said that destruction in Balochistan and Sindh was very high as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab’s infrastructure was much better than the two provinces. 

About the country’s economic situation and whether it would default, Fawad said: “The PTI has decided to form an economic committee under the leadership of former finance minister Shaukat Tarin.”


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