The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) long march or Haqeeqi Azadi March will not reach Islamabad on Sunday as announced by Imran Khan when he gave the schedule.

PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry told media on Tuesday that marchers would not reach Islamabad even on Sunday.

According to him the long march would reach Gujrat on Wednesday (Nov 3) and the next day camp at Lala Musa.

On Tuesday, after travelling about 10 kilometers within Gujranwala, the march was halted and the party chief returned to his Lahore abode. As per the new schedule shared by the party, the march would start from Gondlanwala Chowk on Wednesday and end at Gakhar Mandi after covering a distance of 15 kms.

In the first five days, the march hardly covered 100 kilometers. The PTI plans to stay on the road for the next ten days before reaching the federal capital – its destination.

WAR OF ATTRITION: A party insider commented on the snail pace of the march and said that the PTI chief was engaged in a “battle of nerves” hoping the establishment and the federal government would cave into his demand for fresh polls.

The insider claimed the party was also grappling with a “lack of momentum” as the crowds which thronged the march were not “big enough to scare the government or the establishment” into listening to his demands.

“All these factors are forcing Imran to take more time to generate momentum for desired results, as they do not seem a possibility at the moment.”

SIT-IN LOCATION: Meanwhile, another PTI leader claimed that the party was reconsidering its plans of entering Islamabad because of the government’s resolve to counter the marchers with the help of police and law enforcement agencies.

“There is a possibility of halting the march in Rawalpindi,” the insider claimed and added there were two reasons for the decision.

“The PTI leadership is thinking of staging a sit-in in Pindi because it is in power in the province,” the PTI leader said.

The second reason would be the ‘symbolic’ importance of the garrison city which houses the General Headquarters, to which Imran Khan is apparently looking for a bargain.

“The final decision, however, will be made once the march will reach the gates of Rawalpindi,” the PTI leader said, calling the debate over the location of the sit-in a “hot topic” in the party.


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