Pakistan warned the international community on Saturday that the Hindu nationalist government in New Delhi was erasing India’s Islamic heritage and making Muslims second class citizens, even non-citizens, in their own country.

In a message on the first ever “International Day for Countering hate speech,” Pakistan urged the global community to renew their solidarity for combating hate speech — the prime catalyst for violence against people and communities.

Joining the international community in commemorating the day, Pakistan said that the global resurgence in Islamophobia was particularly alarming.

“Even as victims of violence belong to diverse religious minorities across the world, there is a disproportionate growth in hate speech and stigmatisation of Muslim communities and individuals, leading to acts of violence,” Pakistan said in its message.

Referring to the derogatory remarks made towards the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by senior BJP officials, Pakistan said that state-sponsored grave human rights abuses against Muslims protesters in India was alarming and highly condemnable.

“The international community must end impunity for perpetrators of such abominable hate speech and crimes,” the message added.


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