Veteran actress and show host Maria Wasti has been under the axe after a video of her boozing with a friend surfaced last week. A new debate on the video is about to start – whether it was an old video or a recent one.

A majority of netizens voiced their “uninvited” opinions about Maria. As they scolded her for drinking and setting a bad example, the moral brigade made sure to disparage her choices.

Also, a question was raised that whether it was an old video or a recent one. And some netizens claimed that it was an old video as Maria can be heard shouting “Corona! Check it out.”

I’m not a boozer, so I cannot figure out whether it is the name of a beer she is drinking or the virus that claimed millions of lives the world over. Someone claimed that the actress is shouting the name of the “beer” she’s drinking, Corona. It is also claimed that it was a video filmed in 2019, well before the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is unclear who the other person in the video is.

Interestingly, netizens took to social media, a usual practice in Pakistan, to bash the actress. The video has people questioning the showbiz culture of Pakistan and what other haram things celebrities could be up to behind closed doors.

And not in Pakistan alone, celebrities around the world are on the radar because popularity brings intense public scrutiny, and this time accomplished actress Maria has found herself in deep water.

The Malika-e-Aliya actor, Maria, has been in the entertainment industry since the 1990s, for those who are unaware of her credentials. She has earned fame with outstanding performances in drama serials and telefilms. Lately, she started hosting shows and has been successful in the field also. She founded a production company in 2002.


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