Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has spilled the beans when he revealed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) did not release the tranche for the $6 billion bailout package under its Extended Fund Facility even though “it made us dance to its tune”.

Talking to the media on Sunday after Eid prayers in Faisalabad, Sanaullah said that Pakistan is currently going through the most difficult situation in terms of its economy.

“We have to make difficult decisions as a result of which the country is heading towards betterment.”

About the IMF, Sanaullah said the government had even accepted terms “which we were not in favour of”.

He urged the international lender to release the tranche without delay so that the country could get out of the “difficult situation” it is in.

Referring to the PTI’s term in office, Sanaullah said the country was previously ruled by a group that “did nothing but carry out a vendetta.”

“This incompetent gang” had been ruling the country for four-and-a-half-years.

With regard to the PTI’s May 25 long march, Sanaullah said “we handled the [country’s] biggest riots very well”.

“Because of our treatment, he could not remain in Islamabad,” he said, referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

The government arrested several PTI supporters for disrupting law and order besides using tear gas shells to disperse them. Khan cut short the march ahead of reaching D-Chowk, announcing he was not going to hold a sit-in and left for Bani Gala.

To a question on Fawad Chaudhry’s distancing the PTI from his narcotics case, the interior minister said that the Supreme Court should take suo motu notice of the matter. “The false case should be investigated thoroughly,” he added.

On Friday, Chaudhry admitted that the heroin smuggling case against Sanaullah was fabricated and shouldn’t have been lodged.

However, the politician insisted that it wasn’t the PTI that filed the case.

Asked about Tayyaba Gul’s allegations against former NAB chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, the interior minister said that she stayed in the Prime Minister’s House for “a-month-and-a-half” to receive justice.

In that regard, Sanaullah said he even has proof that she did indeed stay at the PM House for the period. “PTI had the NAB chief file case upon case like a puppet,” he said.

He said that Tayyaba’s case should have been addressed in a suo motu notice at that time. “If [suo motu] notice was taken then, NAB would not be in the state it is in today,” the minister said.

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