Former interior minister Nisar Ali Khan, in a veiled manner, admitted that former army chief Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, ex-director general of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hamid and former military spokesperson Lt Gen Asif Ghafoor played a big role in installing Imran Khan as prime minister.

Speaking to a news channel on Sunday night, the ex-PML-N leader said he does not disagree with the view that the three generals played a role in Imran’s success.

When questioned about Imran’s allegations against Gen (retd) Bajwa, senior politician said he has heard about the charges, but Gen Bajwa has not responded to these on record. He considers it improper to level allegations against someone.

The former PML-N leader said ouster of Imran Khan was the result of internal politics of Pakistan. Imran had lost majority in the assembly, he added.

Former Interior Minister said he still supports Afghan Taliban as they are a unit, while TTP is a separate organisation having 20-22 different groups.

On a question who is best – Ishaq Dar or Miftah Ismael –Ch Nisar said you may differ or agree with the policies of Miftah, but he is an economist, while Dar an accountant.

He said change of system is not a solution. What we need is change in our attitude and conduct. Everyone who ruled Pakistan during last 70 years is responsible for the present situation in the country, Nisar said.

The ex-PML-N leader mentioned his relations with his former party, saying that the “relation with PML-N spans over 30 years”.

Admitting to having contacts with the PML-N, Nisar said the decision to join the party will be made after the elections. When questioned about the possibility of going to the PML-N, he said the possibility of something is always there. 

The former minister said it is correct he was against taking the matter of allegations against party supremo Nawaz Sharif to the Supreme Court, adding that he was the only person in the party who opposed Nawaz’s intention to write a letter to the apex court. 

“I was also against then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif presenting himself to JIT”, Nisar revealed.

IMRAN KHAN: Talking about his relations with the PTI, Nisar said he has friendly relations with Imran Khan, but feared the friendship might break up after becoming part of PTI. 

“He has been very good to me,” said the former interior minister, adding that the former premier respects him.

He said that he will contest elections for provincial and national assembly as an independent candidate.

Nisar also agreed that there were rumours of launching of a new party in the country. “I am not in favour of making a new party, nor am joining any party,” he clarified.

When asked why Shehbaz Sharif is not successful as the prime minster as he had been when he was chief minister, the former PML-N leader said that he was more suitable for the CM’s post. 


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