The newly appointed United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, began his assignment on Monday, becoming the first full-time envoy to serve in Islamabad after nearly four years.

“Ambassador Blome will lead the United States Mission in Pakistan in its ongoing efforts to deepen connections between the Pakistani and American people and work with the government of Pakistan towards a more stable, secure, and prosperous future for Pakistan,” read a statement issued by the US Embassy.

The statement said Ambassador Blome brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this shared effort and to the US Mission in Pakistan.

On his arrival, Ambassador Blome said, “I am thrilled to be in Pakistan. I look forward to exploring this beautiful country and acquainting myself with its people and its culture. Most importantly, in this 75th year of U.S.-Pakistan relations, I will continue to build on the strong relationship between our countries.”

On March 3, the US Senate finally approved Ambassador Blome, a career diplomat, as envoy to Islamabad.

The US State Department, following the US Senate approval of Ambassador Blome, said in a statement that partnership with Pakistan was key to progress on regional security, trade, investment, the climate crisis and human rights.

Blome will be the first full time Ambassador in Pakistan since August 2018 when the American envoy David Hale returned home after completing his term.

After that the Trump administration did not appoint a full time ambassador to Islamabad despite ties between the two countries improved thanks to personal bonhomie between Trump and Imran and close cooperation between the two countries on the Afghan endgame.

The appointment of Blome as top US ambassador to Pakistan comes at a time when the two sides are seeking a reset in their troubled relationship.

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari last week undertook a visit to New York and held an hour-long meeting with Secretary Anthony Blinken.

Bilawal’s visit was termed “successful” as it might lead to restoration of high-level contact between Pakistan and the United States. President Joe Biden has completely ignored former Prime Minister Imran Khan as he never called him despite Pakistan’s critical role in the Afghan endgame.

But diplomatic sources claim that following the visit of Bilawal, President Biden may talk to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. It, nevertheless, depends on the current political situation in Pakistan and whether the coalition government stays in power for a long time.


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