Former federal minister for human rights Shireen Mazari has claimed that a voice recorder was found in her bedroom under a coffee table, highlighting that it violated her rights and the Constitution.

Speaking at a press conference shared by the PTI on Twitter, Mazari, flanked by former minister for information technology Shibli Faraz, revealed that the “device” was hidden under a coffee table and was found when a domestic staff member mistakenly bumped into the table.

She said that she was in Bani Gala when the worker called her and informed her about it.

“We first thought it could be a USB but [then we thought] why would someone stick a USB under a table?” Mazari said, showing the black device.

She said that they properly investigated the matter and found out that it was a voice recording device of an American model whose information would be shared with the media.

She said that the same device had been found from PTI chairman Imran Khan’s house some weeks ago.

“This is a violation of Article 14(1) of the Constitution of Pakistan,” Mazari said, questioning who was behind this.

“The question that arises is who installed it? That too in my bedroom. We have our doubts regarding who is behind it,” she said.


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