Noted Pakistani religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel has been admitted to a hospital after suffering from a heart attack in Canada, his family said on Tuesday.

His son, Yusuf Jameel, confirmed the news on Twitter, saying his father was “currently in Canada where he has been shifted to the hospital due to a heart attack.”

Yusuf said his father’s condition has improved and requested the nation to pray for the scholar’s health.

“Today at 1:00 PM Pakistan time, around 3:00 AM in Canada, my father suffered from heart issues and complained of chest pain. After that he was immediately shifted to the shifted. All of his (medical) procedures have thankfully been completed successfully,” he said in a video message posted to the scholar’s official Youtube page.

“Right now, he is completely fine and stable, but still in the hospital. The fact that we (his family) are here and he is away from home is worrisome for us. We request you all to pray for his health,” he added.

The son also asked social media users to refrain from spreading rumours regarding his father’s health.


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