Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, known for his misogynistic approach, is back with a female centric movie London Nahi Jaunga.

The film is a family entertainer based in rural Punjab and England. A story of rural landlord Jameel Qamar, played by Humayun Saeed, who is chronic bachelor (who had a heart break once a upon a time but didn’t explain why). Jameel is avoiding engagement with his beautiful cousin Arzu played by Kubra Khan.

Jameel wishes to marry a foreign based Pakistani girl. Here enters the main protagonist of the movie Zara Tiwana who is on a journey to avenge her father’s murder. The moment Jameel sees Zara his heart skips a beat and falls in love at first sight.

The movie is an emotional roller coaster.

London Nahi Jaunga was first considered to be a sequel to the blockbuster Punjab Nahi Jaungi. But it’s a completely different story with same plot and different dialogues. Khalil-ur-Rehman, the ace penman who is well known for his dialogues writing skills, didn’t disappoint his fans.

London Nahi Jaunga is not something we haven’t watched before but humour and splendid performances by the cast made it a spectacle for the audiences.

Nadeem Baig direction once again proved it that he is the best. Performances by lead actors Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat and supporting cast Kubra Khan, Vassy Chaudhry, Gohar Rasheed, Sohail Ahmad and Saba Hamid are amazing.

Music of the movie is on point and songs are well placed in the movie.

Overall, the movie is worth watching with family on the big screen.


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