The Islamabad Police have warned that action will be taken against those who protest in the capital without the permission of the administration.

In a tweet, police requested all political parties to stage protests only at designated locations with the administration’s permission.

Police warned those political workers against whom cases have been registered, of arrest.

Police also requested the political leaders to protest at the designated spots with the permission from the administration, asking the public to report any suspicious activity to 15.

Police tweet said that routes will remain open to national and international passengers coming from Islamabad International Airport, adding that federal law enforcement agencies will monitor routes to the airport and highways.

NEW YORK: The PTI has shared a video on its official Twitter account showing party’s supporters holding a protest at the Times Square in US city New York.

“Led by Amjad Nawaz, Pakistani Americans are raising their voices for Haqeeqi Azadi, true democracy and sovereignty for Pakistan,” the PTI tweeted.

Meanwhile, in another tweet the party announced that it would hold protest outside the Governor’s House in Lahore on Monday (today) at 7 pm and called workers and supporters to join in large numbers.

MAULANA FAZAL: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman on Sunday cast doubts on the attack on Imran Khan in a press conference, calling it “an act”.

He questioned the confusions regarding Imran’s injuries that whether he “got a single shot or more than two” and “on one leg or both”. He also argued that Imran surprisingly “went to Lahore instead of a nearby hospital”.

The JUI-F leader reiterated that Imran could not be trusted with his long march after his party “violated court orders” the last time.


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